Where does my donation go?

Our projects are broken down and prioritized individually by organization as follows:
The New Hope Foundation
Beijing, China

1. The provision of funding for four cleft pallet operations and two heart surgeries.
2. The ability to gather the resources necessary to create a special needs adoption program for children at The New Hope Foundation.

Casa De Milagro
La May, Peru

1. Continuation of funding for a community swimming activity for children.
2. The donation of funds to defray overhead costs of relocation from original home.

We ACTx- Youth Program HIV Workshop
Kigali, Rwanda

1. The creation and implementation of a workshop for children with HIV/AIDS.
2. The introduction of a community program for children that establishes a monthly outdoor activity.

Foyer Maurice Sixto
Port Au Prince, Haiti

1. The provision of athletic equipment for their sports program.
2. The provision of art supplies for their arts program.
3. The funding for salaries to keep teachers employed year round at the school.

St. Petersburg, Russia

1. The introduction of a community based program that allows children to leave the orphanage and participate in outdoor activities.

The Special Education Center of Region Twelve
Chiang Mai, Thailand

1. The provision of necessary resources to help run the orphanage for special needs children.
2. The purchase of supplies to aid in construction of an additional building to house children in a less crowded environment with increased safety.

Gu Chu Sum (Tibetan English School)
McLeod Ganj, India

1. The provision of items to provide cleaner and more hygienic sleeping quarters.
2. The funding for basic refurbishment of interior (painting, cleaning, etc) to provide a warmer and more inviting interior for inhabitants.

Mwiko School
Mwiko, Rwanda

1. The introduction of a food program based on sustainability and long-term success.
2. The provision of resources necessary for children to excel in their learning.
3. The purchase of supplies to aid in the construction of a lending library of books for the community.

Creative Solutions Art School
Zanzibar, Tanzania

1. The provision of at least five new computers to enhance learning experiences for students.
2. Funding for supplies to assist in the construction of new building to house students.

Refugio De Monos
La Cumbre, Argentina

1. Refurbishment of volunteer quarters to improve living conditions.
2. Funding for supplies to assist in the construction of an additional primate enclosure.

Nyumbani HIV Clinic
Kebera, Nairobi, Kenya

1. Refurbishment of the clinic to increase levels of hygiene and sanitation.
2. Creation and implementation of a stage 3 HIV/AIDS drug program.
3. Donation to orphanage to assist in the defrayment of overhead costs.

Operation Upward
Jackson, Mississippi

1. The implementation of a food program with roots in sustainability.
2. The funding for monthly athletic and dance workshops for children.
3. The funding for student scholarships to allow students to remain in the program that provides them after school activities, food, and support.