Here at The New Hope Foundation in China!

Hey folks.  Here at Hope Healing Home just outside of Beijing.  Dr. Joyce and her husband, Robin, are our gracious hosts.  Talk about an inspiring couple.  These are two people who are truly “walking the talk”. This orphanage is amazing!  So beautifully run. The kids are all indoors in a beautiful air conditioned building.   The volunteers stay out in Yurts (super cool).  The facility is spotless and the staff are terrific. This location helps orphans who are in need of medical attention.  There is a large staff, including a number of medical doctors.

We have been holding the babies, playing with the toddlers and just getting adjusted to being in China. Please check out the website and help or donate if you can. There is a wish list on the website for things they are in need of.  If you are moved to want to create a care package for this location, let me know.  And, if you are feeling like you might want to volunteer, this is a great location.   Pictures and much more news to follow.


JD, Jackson and Buck!!!What a wonderful place you are volunteering at! I had emailed them last week and Robin responded back. I checked out their website again and looked at all their needs. It sound like there are so many needs they have and so much they could use. JD, do you know if the greatest need is for monetary donations or a care package? I would be interested in doing either. Man what an awesome experience; to be able to just hold and help each of those kids! I know you guys will love them with all the love you have to give. Give each of them a hug for me! Thank the staff for all they do and tell them how much their work is appreciated. So glad you guys made the train ride in one piece. I may email you with a couple of other questions regarding the Foundation. Take care. Hugs to all! xo –Ed

Just took the photo tour of New Hope….what a great facility. The kids there will be enriched by your stay with them, too bad you cannot bring a bunch (or all) of them back home for us to take care of here. The yurts will be a big hit I’m sure with J & B. Share the love I’m sending to you guys with them. Regarding care packages, is there something you guys need that we can send on while you are there? Hugs and love all around….XOXOXOBO

would love to read more from the teen bloggers point of view!! how about it Jackson…XOXOXOBO

Hello! I am so happy I found your blog… it is yet another answer to our prayers. You see we are in the process of adopting one of the precious little children at the Hope Foster home. I would love to talk with somebody who has been there recently… maybe they held our daughter!

So happy to get your message. Which child are you adopting? That’s is so great! Would love to speak to you. All the best, and congratulations. jd

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