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Twelve in Twelve

jdJ. D. Lewis

Founder of Twelve in Twelve

J.D. is an accomplished actor who has appeared on many popular television shows including: Friends, ER, Suddenly Susan, and L.A. Law. He has not only been seen in hundreds of commercials including Bud Light and Vidal Sassoon, but has also been a spokesperson for L.A. Gear with Kathy Ireland. As a celebrated playwright, his works have been produced internationally, headlining festivals in Europe and America. J.D. is most recognized for his work as an acting coach in Los Angeles. He started The Actor’s Lab in 1990 and has worked with some of the top names in the entertainment industry. The Actor’s Lab now has locations in Charlotte and Asheville, North Carolina; Portland, Oregon, and Austin, Texas. He is a skydiver, a marathon runner, and an internationally-recognized philanthropist. Regardless of all he has accomplished, his crowning achievement has been raising his two sons, Jackson and Buck, both of whom he adopted at birth as a single parent.

Email: jd@twelveintwelve.org

Jackson Lewis

Founder & Global Teen Blogger

Jackson was born in Nashville, Tennessee. He currently attends a magnet school for the arts with a concentration in music and visual arts. He has been honored by Duke University for his academic excellence and is a member of the Duke TIP program. In addition to being an excellent student, Jackson is also a talented artist and alto saxophone player. He is a competitive swimmer and competes on a local swim team. He loves surfing, skiing, and scuba diving.

Follow Jackson’s blog at www.GlobalTeenBlogger.com

Buck Lewis

Founder & a Master Lego Builder

Buck was born in Waterloo, IA. His interests include baseball, soccer, art, and cooking. He is enjoying another year of Little League and likes to play second base. Buck also participates on a swim team. He is a master Lego builder, and through the generosity of the Lego Group, Buck was able to deliver crates of Lego bricks to children all over the world. He is currently a global ambassador for Lego! He is incredibly passionate about helping others. “I want to go to each country and see what I can do to help and make people’s lives better.”