So Long To Hong Kong…

Tomorrow morning we will fly to Bangkok on the next leg of our year-long tour. It’s an emotional farewell.  We have had such an amazing experience both in China and here in Hong Kong.  It’s been a life-transforming time.  So many lessons learned.  So many moments spent connecting with remarkable, brave kids who move us to want to do more.  We are wishing the kids here from New Hope successful operations and recoveries.  And to all the doctors and staff of MedArt, our heartfelt gratitude and admiration.  You guys are so inspiring. There are saints here in China who are doing amazing things.  It has renewed my faith in mankind!

There is so much we can all do to make a difference.  You don’t have to travel around the world to do it either.  I’m learning. Believe me, I’m a novice.  If you are moved to make a difference, start it now.  Go to a soup kitchen, a hospital, a prison, a hospice, a crisis center or crisis hotline.  Just do it.   What I’m discovering is that it’s in the giving.  The rewards are off the charts.  You will give yourself the greatest gift ever…

Okay, I’ll get off the soap box. But when you have seen what we have seen in the last two months,  you become aware  that we all have a responsibility to do more, help more, save more…  We are so lucky to have so much and a little goes a long way, especially over here.

We have met so many amazing people here in Hong Kong.  We had the chance to check out Kowloon, the light show over the skyline of Hong Kong, Soho, and Happy Valley.  Hong Kong is a happening city… alot of great energy.  And thanks to our host, Jack, for letting us crash at your awesome house on Hong Kong Island.   We owe you big time!

So as the sun sets on Victoria Harbor this Tuesday evening, with mixed emotions, we pack our bags.

And with anticipation for what lies ahead, we look forward to the adventures unfolding in Thailand.   Up, up, and away!   More to follow…




So true. We need to all do more to help others. Just a little goes a long way and can make a huge difference. You guys are leading by example. It just shows that whether you are a kid, a teenager or an OLD MAN (just kidding!) each of us can do something great. Take care! Hugs to all! xoxo-ed

how true, how true…you really can find so much to give to where ever you are…we just need to all step up to the plate and do it! thanks for all the “stuff” you guys have done to make your world better and for the challenge to us to get out and do it too! safe travel to Thailand, and cannot wait to see you trying to bring an elephant back home. Will hook up in January, South Africa for sure, if not in Kenya, but before then you’ve got lots to do and see! Hugs XOXOXOBO

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