We are off and running!

Finally… The amazing dream realized!  The boys and I are off and running. We left Charlotte, NC, this morning with perhaps a few too many bags.  We have arrived in New York City, safe and sound and will spend the weekend here. Very exciting.  We are staying with my dear friend, Bob Kanter, an Emmy Award winning documentary film producer.  This evening we had a slice of authentic NY pizza and I have promised the boys a visit to the Natural History Museum tomorrow.  We are going to see if we can volunteer at a shelter down the street from us on Saturday.  Sunday we are headed to Berlin and then St. Petersburg, Russia.  It’s truly happening and we are on our way!  To all of you who have supported this project, my sons and I are beyond grateful.  Your hard work and encouragement has made this “once in a lifetime” journey possible.  Thank you all from the bottom of my heart!   More to report shortly… after I get some sleep…  Packing up your entire life, making arrangement to leave a place for a year, and then flying with two kids can take it out of ya!  Night.


Hey Buck! Are you are having fun? I can’t wait to hear about what’s up next!

Your buddy, Luke

renee and mary english

J.D., Jack and Buck,

We are so excited!!! You will constantly be in our hearts and prayers!!

Renee and Mary English

Congratulations! I will be following your adventures with my ten-year-old nephew and seven-year-old twin nieces. Your boldness and heart are inspiring!

I am so proud of you and the boys and I know that with all of the glitches and mishaps of traveling that this will be the most precious time of all of your lives!!I will be praying for your safety and…patience and will be living through you guys vicariously for the next year!!

Glad the flight went well. Get some of that much needed sleep. Tell the boys hello and give them my love. Brace yourself for a world wind, life changing adventure. Take care!!!

Miss you all since we said Bon Voyage!!!!!!!! Glad to hear you are begining your volunteer work in NYC!!! You Go Guys!!!! Love you!

WOW! You made it! I couldn’t be prouder of you boys, or sadder that you’re leaving for a year, or in more awe in what you’re doing! I love you guys so much and I’ll be back here keeping you guys covered in prayer. Let the adventure begin, little brother! With all my love and respect, Luise xoxoxo

MY LOVE TO ALL——sending peace N love

Have a beautiful trip! All of the NoDa Yogis will be om (ing) for you!

OK big guy, now the adventure you have busted your butt getting ready for is underway….congratulations and have the times of your lives!!! Can’t wait to follow your journey and to catch up with you along the way! Happy Birthday to Jackson, love to you all, and Buckford, I can’t wait for our next ticklefest!!!! XOXOXOBO

Elizabeth B (NoDa Yogi :) )

Godspeed! Looking forward to reading all about it. Thank you for the encouragement to step out of the comfort zone and into something absolutely amazing!!

Jacqueline DesIsles

jd, i have been reading your earlier posts about the carcinoma on your lip and the wisdom of spiritual battles. i, also, have found that the closer i move in the direction of my dreams, the more battles i find before me. did not Frodo also find the journey more difficult the closer he moved to his destiny? the trick is to stay connected to your spiritual source so that you are leaning on a wisdom greater than your own. knowing when you are being asked to move ahead, to wait, to stop…it is not always easy to discern. we are, after all, spiritual beings having a human experience. you go out into a world at war with itself. and yet, you will find goodness and beauty and blessings. and the protection of the ONE who set this dream in your heart. God bless you and your boys. i will be keeping you in my prayers.

Hi you guys,
you must be in Saint Pete now. Hope you are doing well.
Wishing you all the best, strength and light. And who knows, we might run into eachother here in St Pete soon? Dinner will be on us.
Kind regards,
Ricardo and Jose

I am so proud of your guys! I am praying foryou all the time! and FYI Michael is great!!!

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