10 Things I’ve Learned So Far On My Travels.

1.  Alway pack an umbrella and water-proof shoes!

2.  Many, many people do not speak English.

3.  Kids are beautiful whatever country you are in.

4.  McDonald’s is everywhere on the planet.

5.  Hair do’s and shoe styles are not universal.

6.  Always pack tons of soap, shampoo and mosquito repellent….

7.  Russian school girls on vacation in a hostel stay up very, very late…

8.  Mystery Meat is a common staple in Russia and served in all restaurants.

9.   When in doubt… smiling seems to work the best.

10.  Russians seem tough at first but are really softies and super kind hearted with wicked senses of humor!


Thanks for the Shares !!! More to learn hey Dude !!!
Only at the first Country !!! Be well , have fun & say hi to Buck & Jackson for me —
U Guys Rock —- it has only just begun

They sounds like my kind of people (sense of humor wise)! Hugging DJ for you today! Love you guys!

You couldn’t come up with two more items to keep with the 12 theme? You guys need more soap, shampoo and repellent? I still have lots that you took out of your bags. Let me know and I will send more to you! Can even get you some McDonalds gift certificates if you want! Just get me an address. Glad to see the post. Thanks for the updates. Tell the boys hi! Keep up the good work and thanks for letting us live vicariously thru you guys.

Linda (Your Sister)

Sounds like you are learning alot I love you

agree with Ed about the additional 2 things to keep the 12 theme going….Where can we send you soap and mosquito repellent??? Can also send along plastic bags for shoes and some ponchos if that would help! XOXOXOBO

I don’t know what Mystery Meat is ,but it sure does sound dangerous! Anyways I hope everything is going O.K. and that everyone is having fun!

From Commander Seaman First Class

(only Jackson will understand this)

I LOVE reading these blogs, keep it up. I’m sure you are all learning a lot! I was lucky enough to go to Russia back in 1988 with Shakespear’s Sister. I agree about the people, what incredible spirit and as you said, great sense of humor. Be well and please send love to the boys from us. Much love, Marcy n the boys xoxoxo

Good advise to keep in mind always, keep chugging along boys you’re doing great!

Top ten! Love it. Keep ’em coming!

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