12 Things I’ve Learned In Shanghai!!!


12 Things I’ve Learned About Shanghai!!!

1.  “Lil” is nowhere to be found.

2.  Rickshaws are now motorized and a total blast to ride in… probably bad parenting but super fun.

3.  Another proud city sponsor of Mystery Meat.

4.  The Bund is incredible … cross between the NYC skyline and Disneyland.  If you knew nothing about it, like us, google it… Super cool.

5.  The Cricket Market is a sight to behold.  Come get your feisty cricket warrior for a Friday Night fight.  Michael Vicks … you are safe over here.

6.  Hotter than a witch’s cuckoo here… Yikes!   Like 3 Ken dolls in an Easy Bake Oven.

7.  Taxi’s are dirt cheap… so awesome…  of course, they don’t speak English and you can’t tell them where you are wanting to go… but once you work that out… dirt cheap…

8.  It’s true… they stop you on the street and want to take your picture… Especially Buck… He might as well be Justin Bieber.  Very funny.  They like to hug him and touch his hair.

9.  Subway is fast and spotless…. If you can figure out which station you are going to.

10.  Not only is McDonalds, Coca Cola, and KFC everywhere… so is Ikea.

11.  The rumors are not true… I have yet to see sheep, goats or chickens on any domestic or international flight.

12.  The Neon signs and automated billboards are something right out of Blade Runner.  Super cool.  They just have to work out the flying cars and they’ll have it down…


On to Hong Kong….


great 12 again. Sounds likecan incredible city. Tell Buck not to get a big head. He’s not just a celebrity in the USA but in hong kong too! sorry i missed your call. pjone was in my pocket & when i reached in it cut u off. call again if u get a chance! take care. hugs to all. xoxo

I guess they must see you three like a rare species kind of guys and want to have pictures to show how were they part of this wonderful happening of a live experience with you.
I can imagine how Buck must have felt when they wanted to hug him and touch his hair.
Thanks for your posts …!

v exciting, keep posting!! xo

Hotter than a witch’s cuckoo! Now that’s hot. Glad you guys are having some light moments, you certainly deserve it. What an image…strangers rubbing Bucks hair. xxoo Susan

so why the heck shouldn’t everyone want to touch Buckeroos hair???? whoda thunk that the lewis boys would take shanghai by storm and not be be all they could be! Can hardly wait to hear how Hong Kong is/was….was he King Kong younger or older brother…I cannot remember? I do know that the mystery meat phenom is everywhere you want to be…. just make sure that if you do go for the burger that there are rats and cats in the street as it were….Missing you guys big time, though it sounds for all the world that you are just where you need to be and doing the things you need to be doing! Lots of love from the hinterlands of North Carolina where we still call you family….and where we know you will someday be back for the mystery of TICKLEFEST Buck and Jack….Princess and the boys send you kisses and licks (and the occasional scratch too!) Not to wish our lives away, but can you believe you have been gone for 1/6th of your journey already, it seems like it was only a minute ago in a way that you were still here, and yet it seems an eternity before you will return! Can hardly wait to see JD wrangling an elephant in Thailand…..XOXOXOBO

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