A Slow Train To China….

We leave tonight on the Trans-Siberian Railway from Moscow to Beijing.  Holy cow!  The kids and I finally came to the conclusion that we should do it.  It’s like extreme sports, I guess.  It is the longest railway on the planet.  We will be on the train for a full 6 nights, God willin’ and the creek don’t rise. Yikes!  Then we will arrive in Beijing on August 1st, and then on to our next project.  Foundation of Hope will meet us at the station at 2pm.  This is an orphanage for kid with physical challenges. Should be amazing.  The kids and I are really looking forward to it!

Buck and Jack on Red Square – Moscow, Russia

Moscow has been amazing.  We have had the great pleasure of spending time with Elena Korenova, a very well-known and successful actress here in Russia.  I worked with this unbelievably talented woman in Los Angeles many years ago.  She is such an interesting woman, and so much fun to be around with all of her great stories, and just her remarkable take on life.  Elena, you are the best!  She came to our rescue here, showing us Moscow and taking us to amazing meals all over town.  The highlight was going to eat at the Writer’s Restaurant. It was something out of a “period film”.  Stunningly beautiful and filled with the history of Russia writing and acting.  We met a number of well-known Russian actors there.  Was a real treat. Also, a big thanks to Elena’s friend, Vikie Chilap for her help as well. She is also a talented actress with a huge future ahead of her. She helped us buy our train tickets, which would have been basically impossible without her. Bravo, Vikie!

Besides that, we have been doing the sight-seeing thing.  Hanging out at Red Square (The Kremlin, Lenin Mausoleum, Gum, and St. Basil’s Cathedral), saw the headquarters of The KGB, along with Arbat Street, and The Cathedral of Christ the Saviour.  Many beautiful things to see.  Also the Metro (the underground) is a sight in itself.  Very clean, very efficient.

Since there will be no internet on the slow train to China… we’ll post in a week or so, when we arrive in Beijing.   Wow!  Arriving in China.  Craziness…    Thanks again for all your emails, posts, contributions, and encouragement.  The boys and I send you all our love.

Jack and Buck in front of The Kremlin

We are truly having a once in a life time experience. Shooting tons of video, which I apparently will have plenty of time to edit into something on a very loooong train ride starting tonight.  We are learning so much…  The boy’s favorite thing of all, of course, is hanging out with all the kids.  The language barrier doesn’t seem to be a big issue. Kids are kids… and kids just want to have fun!

We continue to meet so many extraordinary people. It’s been quite an adventure so far.

Now on with The Love Revolution!

Peace,  jd, jack and buck….


To quote a famous world explorer, “Holy Cow”! The adventure just continues to be super great. So cool to have local contacts that can show u the ropes and help u experience things the ordinary tourist would not get to. The train ride will b great. Practice patience my friend! U guys will gain so much from helping the kids at the orphanage! A rewarding experience. Jack & Buck, the train will kinda be like being back in the apt. in Charlotte, except moving. Looking forward to more tales. Safe travels! xoxo

Off for a beach walk but want to comment !!! Bring snacks & if the have plugs to recharge electronics , yor good !!
Soak it all up Dude & leave the navigating to them !!!
Sending lots of Love !!! Hugs to All !!! francine

So EXCITED for you guys!!!! I can’t wait to see the footage and EVERY SINGLE PICTURE!!!!!!! (Neer mind the party I M THROWING WHEN YOU COME HOME!!!!!!!!!) I moss my boys and please have them email Maddie and Andrew when they get a chance!
So proud of you all!!!

Hope the train ride will be your “down” time, since you won’t have much opportunity to do anything much else but relax and enjoy the ride and the views…This is where the Kindles and the I-pod should come in really handy!!
Glad that the Moscow stop was so cool…always great to have friends to connect with along the way, and no doubt the help with the tickets was a life saver! Two great countries down, more to go….you guys are so on game. Great pics of Jack and Buck at Red Square…way cool. And you’re right – (kids) just wanna have fun, so all three of you kids kick back, and have a ball….XOXOXOBO

What a great thing to just get to say that you did, I bet very few can. How amazing! Right now I’m picturing you on a train in an old 40s movie. Let us know how it is I might have to put that on my bucket list. Sending you guys love and other great positive thoughts keep on chugging along!

Hey, this is Tom, Patrick’s dad. Six days of travel will help you make the change of time zones, at least. I hope it will have some of the advantages of an ocean liner – beautiful scenery, interesting travel companions. Probably not room for shuffleboard. Cornhole, maybe?

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