Twelve Things I’ve Learned While In Beijing.

1.  I haven’t a clue what anyone is saying when they speak Chinese. I mean not a clue….

2.  Real Chinese food is awesome…. but Mystery Meat is not exclusive to Moscow, Russia.  It’s available here too!!!  I’m starting to feel like it might be available globally… Yikes.

3.  Charlotte, NC  is not the most humid place on earth.

4.  Ice Cream tastes good in any country.

5.  There are people on the planet who care deeply and are dedicating their lives to helping others.   So inspiring.

6.  My heart has exploded with love in a small village on the outskirts of Beijing.  I’m so lucky to experience it with these amazing kids.  Nothing is better than being greeted each morning with smiles and open arms.

7.  My sons are compassionate, caring boys and I’m really proud of how gentle and kind they are with kids less fortunate.  Rock on, Lewis Boys!

8.  I cannot lie, I miss climate control.  Alot.

9.  Clubbed feet can be fixed in infants and toddlers by putting them in casts and helping them to re-form their feet… then cutting the achilles tendon and then wearing braces.  These lucky kids who are being helped here.  They’re given the gift of being able to walk.  Bravo to Dr. Joyce, Robin and Dr. Steve!   Three real life heroes!

10.  The old people in the village have so much character in their faces and so much soul in their smiles.  I only wish I could speak their language and hear their stories.  Want to just get off my bike and hug them all. Such amazing people.

11.  Los Angeles does not have a patent on smog and/or poor air quality or traffic.  Trust me.

12.  China is booming!   Things are happening here.  In fact, so much so, that they are trying to slow down the boom so it doesn’t escalate too fast.


Wow! So glad to hear about your experience at the Foundation. What a great work these people are doing! The boys AND their dad are compassionate caring people! And you guys are helping out so much. It is amazing how much can be done for medical problems if treated early on. So the Chinese food is better there? I’ll take a #4 carry out to go! Coming to appreciate Charlotte kittke more, huh? See its not so bad. Glad you are experiencing all the world has to offer. Continued safe travels. Let me know when youa re ready for some supplies to be shipped. Hugs to all! xo-Ed

sure by the time you leave you can at least order something from the chinese take out here at home….the humidity level is way worse in Columbia! If you in fact were in the military, you would know that mystery meat is rampant everywhere (was that cat, rat or bat?)! coulda told ya the boys were great kids with lots of love to share…but then you already knew that! order up some ice cream on me…you can either eat it or put it under your arms to cool you down (though you then would not want to eat it later). sounds like the world is not going to heck in a handbag with the kind of caring folks you have found there. bravo to them and to you three for doing something for those who really need some help! hope to skype up soon….hugs and kisses…XOXOXOBO


I am living vicariously thru your experience. How marvelous and magical time. I know it’s not easy either. I am having a blast in class with Murphy. Can you believe you’ve already been gone for two months.
Here’s one phrase in Chinese that is helpful, phonetically it is: boo yow! It means no, don’t bother me.
See you in 10 months if not sooner. I hope to join you somewhere. We shall see.

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